DD9 was too sensitive to read content above grade level until recently when she took on her first big series, Harry Potter. I was worried she'd drop it when it got too intense, but she plowed through the entire series in less than two weeks, strategically reading copies at school and home, even reading an entire book on a weekend day (more if we had allowed her).

I was skeptical of her comprehension at that pace. She made me a believer when her teacher informed us DD's Accelerated Reader test scores for the series averaged almost 95% correct, a score she'd never seen so high from a student who had not seen the movies.

DD, meanwhile, has no interest in seeing the movies but has been re-reading the last book for a week straight. We finally had to pull her off it and are trying to introduce her to a new series. The sum of her feedback on the series is the oft-repeated lament, "I wish magic were real!"