Texican; my ds3 doesn't read, erm, sorta... But it's amazing how many candy bars i'm pretty sure he's never heard of that he can ask for by name wink. "Learn2read; the halloween method!"

In other news, ds11mos who took his first steps months ago, as of today is walking regularly. This means he only did two months of occaisional walking, compaired to the olderone who took five months to go from occaisional to regular wink. He has plenty of words, and a whackload of phrases like hi/bye x, but today's "hahaha i'm yonna gachoo" (then he bit my cheek and strangled me) will be memorable.

Oh! And DS3 is suddenly a bilingual counter and starting to add/subtract... But only in spanish. The only people who speak spanish in our house are Dora, Diego, and Diego's sister, so, erm... i guess its just a mathy language, eh? Oh, and he's gotten hinself started on neuroscience, and learned to pronounce "th."

The stares on the bus have reached a whole new level. "mama, read the cerebellum part...". I keep re-reading the thread where peoe say to just go with it when they're little. And not worry about teh stares. That's not so easy. I dont't like the bits about "it gets worse," incidentally.

Gee, I had a lot of brags. Sorry.

DS1: Hon, you already finished your homework
DS2: Quit it with the protesting already!