Hi! My DD3.5 is passionate about languages and adores books, esp. chapter books/book series/books by the same author, etc. We went through the Frog and Toad series and now she's IN LOVE with Beatrix Potter. She can't read them herself yet, but she has memorized many of the stories (i.e. The Tale of Jeremy Fisher) word for word. She adores the old-fashioned language of the Beatrix Potter stories and cross examined us extensively as to why the words were different, their meaning, etc. until she understood and now she'll explain it to us as she recites the books verbally by memory or we read them to her. smile It's really sweet how much she is in love with these books-- she tries to comfort the characters when they are in trouble and we have to prop the stories open to a favorite page and put it next to her bed when she goes to sleep. She just begs and begs for us to read them to her (we once read Jeremy Fisher to her 7 times in a row before we pooped out and she was crushed that we stopped). Just thought I'd throw it out to the forum-- anything your kids loved at this age that my DD might go for? Beatrix Potter will hold us for a while yet, but I've got to get something else up my sleeve! Thanks!