We recently had our son tested to rule out/identify any learning disabilities that he might have due to recently diagnosed epilepsy. Turns out he has some processing speed and divided attention issues, but is otherwise okay. I was trying to figure out his GAI because it's not listed in his report, but I'm not sure if I did it correctly. If anyone has experience with all these numbers, your help would really be appreciated.

I came up with a 154 for the GAI. His FSIQ was listed at 135.

Here are the results of his testing (first number is raw score, second number is scaled score):

Verbal Comprehension Index= 142
Perceptual Reasoning Index = 145
Working Memory Index= 123
Processing Speed Index= 88

Verbal Domain:
Information 23 19
Vocabulary -- --
Similarities 26 18
Comprehension 20 14
Word Reasoning -- --

Working Memory:
Digit Span 18 16
Arithmetic 17 12
Letter Number Seq. -- --

Performance Domain:
Block Design 52 18
Matrix Reasoning 23 17
Picture Concepts 20 17
Picture Completion 23 14

Processing Speed:
Coding 33 7
Symbol Search (0 err) 20 9
Cancellation -- --

Hopefully that makes sense. It's confusing to me because all this is new to me.
Thanks in advance for any help.