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The day my lo turned 20 months she put her first 4 pc jigsaw puzzle together. For a straight week she had me helping her 15-30 times a day. She worked so hard! She'll be 21 months in a few days and she can do her 4 pc, 6pc, and 9 pc jigsaws without help- and 12 pc ones with a little help. She is getting good at figuring out her 24 pc with my help, too. *proud* wink

She might like this rainforest 48-piece puzzle. It's got a neat layout with well-defined regions. For some reason both of my sons started with the blue butterfly when doing it the first time.

I didn't buy the rainforest one, but I thought about it! I did get a few other M&D 48 pc puzzles for Christmas. A princess one, horse one, and another 24 pc. We work on a 24 pc M&D one with safari animals right now. She's very good with picking patterns that match, but not as good at figuring out where they go right away. With a little guidance from me she often gets it and can pick the next piece out.

She is finally starting to talk more! She tries to name all the letters now. Before she would (could?) only sign them.