My dd10 heard a song at a talent show that she liked on Friday called "The Show" by Lenka. She bought an iTunes card on Sunday, found wifi to download the song on her iPod and learned all the words. On Monday, after homework and school and ballet, she taught herself some of the piano. On Tuesday, she asked grandpa to come over after school, homework, ballet class, and a softball game to show her the piano parts she didn't get. She watched him figure out the song and on Wednesday she could play and song together with all the chord changes in perfect rhythm and time and she sounds great! She has never taken voice and only took piano for a year when she was six. But iT was mostly just reading music.
I am so proud of her skill, but mostly I am proud she has found something she could follow through on! Yay music! Funny. She was the one who asked to quit the piano lessons!

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