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Tonight my daughter (about 32 months old now) was scribbling on a notepad. I was prepping some dinner for the kids nearby. Conversation ensued something like this:

"Mommy, don't break my papers. Be careful with them."
"Ok, I will be careful, but I don't think they will break, since they are papers."
..works a few minutes more..
"These are my notes!"
"What are your notes for?"
with much gusto "My presentation!"
Laughing, I said, "Your presentation? What is your presentation on?"
She did not have an immediate answer but we decided it would be on how to be a good big sister.

I'm in grad school and recently had to put together a project and presentation. I never discussed it with her that I recall, though I may have told her not to touch the printed stack of articles I had or something similar. ?

LOL. It reminds me of the phase my DD (4 at the time) had where she kept presenting DW and I with scribbled sheets of paper and declaring, "This is a contract. You HAVE to sign this contract!" We never did sign, because we suspected it was unreadable on purpose, and there was always a lot of white space for things to be added later.