DD is 16 months now.

She signed a few letters the other day when I showed her some flashcards with the letters while I was cleaning out a drawer (she does not have the fine motor to REALLY sign many of the letters at all, but she was trying a few and came close.)

She definitely knows the color "red" and any "rainbow" colors she sees. She's got all her chunky puzzles down and she was trying to help me with a 12 pc jigsaw yesterday, but I don't quite think she gets the concept (edit: Mom's wrong, she gets it. Her fine motor skills just are not close to allowing her to actually complete these.)

I asked her the sign for pretend and she started signing pretend and imagination, danced and sang a few notes of what sounded to me to be the on-pitch tune to the song about imagination from Signing Time. She seems to have most of the DVDs memorized, too. Like she'll roar right before the lion comes on and start dancing and jumping before the hopkin's hop song comes on.

She also tried to say "May I (while pointing to her eye lol)" and signed excused. This is GREAT because she has been signing exclusively and not wanting to talk or jabber much til now.

I don't know which (if any) of these things is advanced, but it is so cool getting to see what she is thinking about now.

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