I am looking for sources for my daughter to nurture her interest in building/architecture/design.

When I was in middle school my father got me this really cool workbook where you studied all the little blueprint symbols and design/building elements (I might not be saying it quite right) and I could draw my own house designs with floor layouts and stuff. I used to keep if flat open on top of my math book because this one year our teacher kept doing the same thing over and over and over...

Not that I would mention such a thing to her (lol) or encourage this, but it reminded me of a resource I had that was so much fun when I was going through my “I want to be an architect” stage.

I was looking for some sort of blueprint workbooks like I used to have (my father passed away a while ago otherwise I’d pick his brain) or some sort of online architecture or blueprint program. She likes the inter-workings of a building like elevators, designing windows, secret passageways, staircases, roofs and unexpected things like trap doors.

DD has a healthy supply of LEGO that she manipulates, has K’NEX, an old building set of mine, Lincoln Logs, and is getting better and manipulating the LEGO design studio program and has spent her share of time on the LEGO creator site. She also has gotten alot of use out of that LEGO ideas book.

I’ve perused Google, Mindware (I might try the Introduction 2 Architecture but it might not last long) and the National Building Museum online shop.

Anyone been here at this junction before who can recommend? She’s age 8 but I would bump it up a few years for a challenge.


p.s. Also, if anyone knows where to access a "list" of the history or background of why streets and roads are called "Street" "Road" "Avenue" 'Boulevard" etc. She's been asking this. We asked an architect we know and he said "I'll give her the answer when she's ready" but I think maybe she is ready (if she's asking the question, and it's not exactly non-age appropriate material : - ) !

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