I just found out that the school district I live in offers a self-contained program for GT kids. Marketing lit says the intention of the program is to “enhance the highly gifted student by…fostering self-directed learning…and cross-grade grouping.” The marketing lit also says the program serves .5% of the district population and that transportation from the student’s home campus is provided by the school district.

The district also offers a GT program at each school for students that score well but not as high as those in the self-contained program.

Any thoughts on the eligibility requirements? When my son gets older I’ll make time to better understand test types and scoring. Right now it’s a confusing blur. confused

REQUIREMENTS: (1) two IQ scores of 140 or above w/in the past 2 years in the areas of verbal, nonverbal and/or quantitative; (2) achievement test stanines of three 9’s, or a combination of two 9’s and one 8 in the core content areas of reading, language and math; and several other subjective requirements that I can wrap my brain around.