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DS4 read me pages and pages of Frog and Toad are Friends yesterday, needing help only once a page or so. It's always so magic when the reading thing really clicks. Everywhere he goes he's reading words, and he's delighted. The world is full of them, after all!

(I still remember DD's first airplane flight after she learned to read--in tones of great skepticism, she said, "In case of emergency, seat cushion can be used as a flotation dee-vice??")

DD4 just read a Froggy book to me this afternoon and needed very little help! It has been a few weeks since I've had her read to me because of a crazy schedule, but today she wanted to read with me again and wow - what a difference.!

Ultramarina - I too had a plane trip like that with DD9, but her concern was about why we would lose cabin pressure - was an asteroid going to come and rip a huge hole in the plane or something?

DD4 also has started doing pages and pages of workbooks during the day while DD9 is doing her schoolwork. She is matching words that start with the same letter, circling the picture with the correct number of objects in it etc. This is huge for her because up until recently she has refused to do any of these things because "I'm too little to do ...."