I've been curious - what is the most helpful about whatever kinds of formal assesments your child has done?

For us the most important thing was being able to join YSP and being able to fill out the Iowa Acceleration Scale. I always hoped that if we had gone to a tester who was familiar with beyond the usually gifted children that we would have gotten a lot more specific parenting advice and school placement advice, but, alas, we went to a local tester, who, while kind and well meaning, sent us off in directions that wasted a few years of DS's educational life.

The good news is that I was able to learn (eventually) from other parents in the YSP what a tester might have been able to teach me. So I'm always going on about being sure to get an experienced tester, unless the school is going to do it for free, that is. wink

What I don't take into account is that even if the tester is perfect, it takes time for us parents to wrap our minds around the implications of LOG. (Level of Giftedness) So I'm asking you who have gotten some kind of testing for your child:
What tests:
What age(s):
What questions you had in your mind:
What you learned:

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