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I guess I'm again stuck on comparing. her verbal was crazy rich but that processing speed was just a cut over the 130 mark. The remarks made abou the big sis stick out about how much schools like the see the processing speed. So here is my real fear... is it possible that her verbal is just so stinking strong because the way I've always talked to the kids and then how her sister talks to her. Is it stable - age aside as I know 5 is a better stability...

My DD9 is also highly verbal (140 on the WASI verbal--no full testing yet). Your DD sounds very similar to the way mine was at that age. I often wondered the same thing about my DD, but she has continued to be way above her grade-level peers. In fact, she told me last week that she sometimes feels isolated because M (gifted friend in class) is the only one who "gets it" when she's talking about things sometimes.

Chances are that yes, it's probably stable, and I would trust what your instincts are telling you about her.

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