Dear VP,

I feel that dd9's math homework has been increasingly below her challenge level.  Tonight she was given a time consuming page where she was asked to shade in the shapes that were equal to one half. Her sister, who is six, enjoyed the challenge.

The other page asked her to add, subtract, multiply and such. She has never had to practice her multiplication facts at home and is still getting all of them right on her timed tests. Asking her to do homework that she has mastered a long time ago is becoming frustrating for her. Along with other tasks that lack meaning for her , it is too much to cope with.

She spent the evening sobbing because she feels that if she chooses to take risks and challenge herself there will be nobody there to support her. She feels this way because out of the four social studies projects, she chose to create a PowerPoint presentation, but was told she would receive no help whatsoever. Feeling uncomfortable she was would be receiving no support while doing the project on the Mac, she chose the diorama instead, even though she is an avid PC user. Then she was told she was not to use the classroom's tape for her diorama, among other things that made the project impossible  The children who chose to do the poster received poster paper and the teacher traced the map of the country onto the poster board for the student. But when Dd asked for ideas on how to incorporate a map into her box, she was told "it's up to you". When I talked to the teacher, she said that Dd was welcome to change her project.

I believe Dd is feeling alone at school, lacking challenging, meaningful work, lacking opportunities to make friendships with others who have similar interests, and is in need of some adult support.  I believe that Math teacher may be able to take Dd further in Math and give her appropriate homework. I am hopeful that Dd can feel like her teachers want her to succeed and will support her when she tries to reach her potential.  I would like to discuss this with you as soon as possible. I know we have discussed some things already in December, such as Dd meeting with the librarian every other week and receiving guidance regarding friendships from Mrs. Psyc or another counselor. As far as I know this hasn't happened. After our last meeting I was hopeful that the math enrichment would become more meaningful but Dd thinks it is still very easy for her.  I have already expressed my feelings to the teachers, so I feel I need to discuss it with you or Mr. Principal. 

I will call the school to make an appointment.
Thank you.


And her response.
I have forwarded your concerns to the teachers.  Please follow up with them tomorrow.  If you feel as though you need to address them further, please inform them that you will be requesting a meeting with Mr. Principal and me.