Our local paper had an article about a week ago about the ACT test and studying. They posted in the article a table of the average ACT scores for all of the local high schools (about five or six of them) including one that is one is ranked by US News as one of the best performing high schools in the nation. I do realize that average ACT scores include the low performers, but this one charter in particular has a reputation of not attracting or running out the lower performing kids so their test scores tend toward above average for most, if not all, students.

Dh has always been skeptical that dd13 is particularly smart for some odd reason despite her being 1-2 yrs younger than her classmates and ample indication that she quite intelligent. I pointed out to him that dd beat the average ACT score for every local high school including the charter as a young 12 y/o (8th grade). He said something to the effect of, "wow, maybe she is smart."
Study Strategies for Accelerated Learners