Have to share. DD 4 spent the morning asking me if she could "please please please dissect the owl pellets you ordered" LOL. I finally got them out and she just spent to the last 3 hours dissecting 2 of them, identifying the bones, figuring out that the pellets she dissected contained 2 complete vole skeletons each, and then decided to figure out how many pellets an owl produces a day, week, and year and how many voles her eats a day, week, year, assuming that the owl produces 2 pellets a day and thus eats 4 voles a day. She came up with the owl eats,4 voles a day, 28 voles a week, and 1460 voles a year. Seriously impressed with her focus and math skills. She even figured out how to multiply 365x4 when before I had only seen her do simple 1 digit number multiplication.
Homeschooling on a remote island at the edge of the world.