DS3 appears to have found his "thing" (other than chess), at least for now--ocean science. This started with one read of a Magic Schoolbus book and has taken off like gangbusters with this just in the past week or two. Today he ran into an adult friend who also happens to be very interested in the ocean and I listened with amazement and amusement as DS brought up the following and discussed them with great verve: the eating habits of the giant squid, the definition of the intertidal zone, the depth of the Marianas trench, the high pressure under the ocean, the abyssal zone, the differences between a sperm whale and a great blue whale, the average size of animals in the deepest ocean, underwater volcanoes and their role...I could go on. It actually would have made an excellent DYS application video. ;)It was all the more awesome because his conversational companion was just as into it as he was and treated him like a peer.

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