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Maybe the phrasing was echolalia, but when the context is correct after a few times, it becomes apparent that it's not a fluke, the child IS talking!

It's always a little shocking when a little baby actually TALKS to you! My DD6 who hasn't really shown any signs of giftedness was a super early talker. Around 7 months she started saying 'I want a snack." Of course, it sounded like "I-na-sna" but it was consistent, and when we acted like we had no idea, she would crawl to the pantry and beat on the door! (She still loves snacks, lol.)

I just assume they can all completely understand what I'm saying and speak to them like I would any other person. We have a few "cute" words, mostly caused by the mouth that can't quite do what the brain wants (fagric for fabric, hangaburger and mazagine), but I never baby talk. My MIL joked she was surprised our children didn't come from the womb speaking wink

Also, when you have no frame of reference, like a large family or the kids in daycare or social groups from a young age, it's hard to know what is "normal". I didn't know it wasn't "normal" for a 2yo to use a complete sentance or for a 4yo to read...
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