Espers turned a year old last month. I mentioned a few months ago that she said very clearly, "get out of here" when her brother was trying to interrupt her nursing.  I had said the same thing when he did that every day for a week.  So, she wasn't talking.  That was echolalia.  She just used it in the right context.  
Now she uses some words and names, this, yeah, up, eye-it, and many wrong words, like "hot" asking for food.  But she does not talk beyond those few single words, and sometimes she'll answer you.
She studies.  She watches her brothers phonics lessons.  There was a game on the video that goes like "ugly umbrellas open under something." She answered "uh".  That was cool because me and Wyatt had been playing the game, we had been answering the sounds.  So she just played along and got one right.  
Well, that one I can tell everyone.  But since she doesn't really talk yet, she squeaks for please and squeals for no, I'll save this other story for here.  She did another echolalia in the correct context.  I was reading a teaching spelling website on my phone.  Wyatt asked what I was reading.   I read outloud the list with the same ending sounds.  Espy said clearly, "they rhyme."   I don't want anyone to think I think she knows what it meant, she just remembered for a second that's what I say when I say rhyming words and it came out of her mouth.
I think she'll be good with languages because Wyatt's first echolalia was "goodnight" and Espy's was a four word sentence.
Youth lives by personality, age lives by calculation. -- Aristotle on a calendar