I think the only 6 kids in the class can be difficult? You know they will be highly GT, right? But depending on personalities and genders that could be wonderful or horrible. I have a friend who sent her daughter to a very high end private school for kindergarten, less than 10 kids in her class. She pulled her by mid-year because she didn't click with anyone socially and was miserable. But if he clicked with someone, it could be great.

The logistics of it sound difficult too! I personally hate our drop off and pick up school routines, so I'm totally biased there. Also - how much time are you going to have after transporation for both the little guys and general errand running? And how much "extra stuff" goes on at school. It seems like our school is always having a festival or a sale that requires time and energy as well.

Is there any way you could lay down the law on getting help to make homeschooling work? I know some people locally who've gotten university students who are art students, or fluent in a foreign language, etc that charge little more than a babysitter to work with their child. You should definitely be hard nosed about YOUR time if you do decide to stick with homeschooling.

Are there any GT homeschooling groups around that might be good additional resources for activities and/or playdates?

These ramblings sound totally homeschool biased. Sorry! I'm trying to be a neutral party here and failing.

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It's been nice to spend more time with DS6--he's fun!

This is my favorite reason to homeschool and I totally feel the same way! My 1st grader is such a different kid on the weekends and it gives me warm fuzzies to think he could be that happy every day.

Anyway - I do like the trial option if you can swing it! As long as you don't have to pay the full year upfront. It might be worth it to find out if there's any kind of penalty for dropping out at any point.