Hi All - Here the email to get on the list to be included in Online Gifted Conferences, and info on an upcomming one:

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It is with great excitement that I share the news about another
OGTOC conference. Here are the details about our next guest expert
who is from Australia:)))

Helen Dudeney

Date: June 12 -14, 2006

Title: Gifted Visual Spatial Learners

Short description:
Underachievement in gifted children is known to be a major problem.
While there are many factors that could lead to this, one that has
been gaining greater understanding and attention recently is the
occurrence of children who are both gifted and also have a learning
disability. Until recently there was little real understanding or
acceptance of the possibility that a child could be academically
gifted and yet not be performing at school due to some developmental
difference that was getting in the way of their success. This
conference will explore the characteristics and needs of gifted
visual spatial learners.

Helen Dudeney is a private consultant who has been actively involved
in working with gifted children, their parents and teachers for the
past 16years. During this time she has run programs for 3 –15 year
old children and their families and conducted seminars, workshops
and in service training for parents and teachers about giftedness.
Her consultancy, Australian Gifted Support Centre specialises not
only in gifted children, but also those who are visual spatial
learners. She has completed the Certificate of
Gifted Education and Master of Adult Education and is currently
undertaking doctoral research in the area of Gifted Visual Spatial
learners. For the past 16 years she has been a member of the NSW
Association for Gifted and Talented Children Committee and held the
position of President for 8 years.

Please be sure to mark this on your calendar.

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