DD7 struggles with worry and anxiety and we struggle to understand why. Last night she refused to tell me what she feared in the dark because it was a secret. Today I gave her the book, "What to Do When You Worry", and she read it tonight and told me it made her feel nice. On one page, where it instructs you to write the names of people you know who worry, she filled the entire space with "me, me, ME, ME!"

Just before bed, she handed me a little piece of paper. It was from Puppy, the two-inch stuffed dog she takes everywhere, who "wrote" on it the following haiku:

[snip - sorry I wanted to submit this for publication and they require it not be published online; I will add it back if the magazine rejects. I'm sure you parents understand. wink ]
It took all my strength to hold back the tears. It was so beautiful in itself, but even more so in its context. She is finally starting to come to the surface.