What a wonderful forum...you do start hiding what your kids do for fear others will make a comment about you bragging. We are all just proud mama's so it's nice to hear things other gifted kids do!

A few stories of my own:

Very proud of DS11 this year. He was asked-by a very picky piano teacher-to play in an adult performance festival. Not only did he memorize his entire piece-the only one to do that-he and another older adult pianist chose the same piece. DS performed unfortunately after him, and played it better, receiving a standing ovation. I had tears in my eyes...

DS10 just took state assessments 2 years ahead of his class-just because-and received the only perfect score by anyone in the school. He also told a substitute teacher when she was making small talk that he was feeling "melancholy" because a friend was "distraught about the loss of a beloved pet".

Proud, proud mama!!