DS14 finally returned from his first year of boarding school (9th grade sub-two) and his goal was to maintain a GPA over 95% so that he could get the highest honor roll level.

He did it! He got a 96.5 GPA in his classes for the final trimester, which is heavily influenced by finals. Last year he could barely bring himself to study 3 hours total for finals. This year he set up 'on-line flashcards' 2 weeks in advance to learn vocab words for the English final, and worked though 5 pages of Physics problems to prepare for this Physics test. He got an 100% on his Physics test - the teacher had to introduce a curve to help out the rest of the class.

His may seem like a strange brag for a YS kid, but with his ADD getting the level of focus and and perspective-taking to get in the high 90s really says a lot about his work ethic, his willingness to follow the teachers' lead, and his engagement with the material. When he was young, I expected learning to be fun, but now he has matured into a kid who can do the job, fun or not. (as long as it's a little bit fun! Which it is!)

Plus he learned how to run a couple of miles for fun and and fitness, and he discovered that he enjoys casual basketball games. He's looking forward to trying out for the basketball team next year, and one the teachers is supporting him to start a 'Settler's of Catan' playing club, since it was quite popular this year after DS introduced it. His best friend at school wrote in his yearbook that DS was the person who taught him the most this year. Aww.

And the school facilitated his participation in service programs. They sponsor a Special Olympics, and set him and his best friend up to do weekly play-vists with a local 4 year old with special needs.

I'm bragging about my son, my son's school, my DH for following my lead, and ME - for finding the school and being willing to send DS there - SuperBrag!

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