When DD5 was 2, maybe 3...She wondered WHY she couldn't eat the shells on the peanuts...so, I told her that there were chemicles on the shells that killed the bugs so the bug wouldn't eat the peanuts. Later that night, I found peanuts on all the windows of our 1780 old federal (lots of spiders). I said...Sydney. Why did you put all these peanuts on the windows, while I was clearing them off. She replied "NO! Leave them there! They will kill all the spiders and we won't have spiders anymore!" At five she is only a little over a year advanced for language and math is right where it should be...but she is so incredibaly creative! I will always remember that one!

AND at two, she built a house in the kitchen using anything she could find. It wasn't as pretty or as stable as her other ones, but she was going to accept it anyway...She said. Mommy Look! I'm the princess of cacophany! Seriously, she did! lol