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BTW - I highly recommend Dr. Ed Amend in Kentucky. Yup - we traveled. A full evaluation can cost about 2K. Is it worth it? There is no magic bullet, but if medication is going to be part of the picture (ADD was an issue for us) I sure would want to be sure, and that is what Dr. Ed was finally able to do for me. Call him on the phone and ask to talk it through before you book your appointment to see if you two 'vibe' together.

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I second this! We haven't seen him yet, I'm thinking we will wait another 1.5-2 years for the WISC. Anyways, just speaking to him on the phone was comforting! It was a "Yes, you know my kid isn't crazy!" kind of vibe. He is really nice, and knows his stuff. He had an answer for all of my questions, that was a first. It will be a 5 hour drive and a hotel stay for a few days, but I think it will be worth it.

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