...So thinking of having my son take a high school science class here and there and audit it. I don't want him to take it for actual credit, since this would be a trial run to see if he could actually handle the extra load. Also,I don't want a potential "less than desirable" grade on his permanent record. I believe I can get everyone on board with this, but like everything, I have to have all my bases covered. This would be the first time in the district having an elementary student doing this. My question is, after he potentially runs through all of the high school science classes as an audit, which classes would he then take (when he's actually in high school with his age peers)as an actual credit? I know he would eventually move on to college courses, but would his high school then make him repeat the same classes he took possibly years ago, as a credit? Do these kids who audit high school/college classes as a young child, end up eventually just repeating the same courses over and over again so they can get that credit/grade on their permanent record? I hope I'm making myself clear smile Happy Mother's Day to all of you great moms!