Inky - my DH does do some afterschooling much like the summer schooling but our DS also does several extras i.e sports, acting, enrichment classes that our PTA sponsors, etc. My husband runs an after school program several days a week for his own students which is why we are trying to find a way to be more efficient with the actual instruction time.

Cricket - I don't think the school will use the scores as proof that our DS does not need accelerated instruction in Math - I think at least the principal recognizes what is going on. I also think it is hard to argue that because in reading where he is at his instructional match, he does really well and he did have significant summer growth in math. We regret now that we were not a little more on top of this as even without the numbers we knew that he was not being exposed to much instruction at his readiness level. But we did have the grade skip and other things going on and it is hard to keep pushing and pushing the system. I am hopeful for next year as I think the school is going to be open to some more creative ideas for our DS.