My DS7 just finished his spring MAP testing. His Reading MAP is 225 and his Math MAP is 223.

Over the last two years of school his Reading MAP has increased 53 points – 50 points were from fall to spring of each year (31 points growth for 09-10 and 22 point for 10-11 and 3 points were for summer growth (growth from spring 2010-fall 2010). Kids at his school are ability grouped for reading.

Over those same two years, his Math MAP has increased only 34 points – 13 points during the school year (7 points for 09-10 and 6 points for 10-11 and 21 points during the summer.) Although DS did mid year grade skip this year (1st-2nd), there has been no other acceleration or ability grouping for math. On the WJ III Achievement given in 11/10, his Broad Math was 147. While my DS has always been verbal and loves to read, we believe he is more gifted in Math.

So, I am wondering what is going on with the Math growth. Here is my explanation and I hope others can give their thoughts – just so I can have a check on my thinking.

For reading, he has had significant school year growth because he is taught fairly close to his readiness level and with peers with the same ability. Although we read a lot in the summer, no one really talks with him about parts of speech, grammar, etc. so his summer growth was what might be expected for a K-1st grader who received no additional instruction in reading over the summer.

My DS spends much of the summer with my DH who teaches high school Algebra to students who struggle in Math. Many of my husband’s students, unfortunately, have MAP scores near our DS. My husband LOVES Math and although he provides no structured curriculum, they spend a lot of time talking about Math and many of the teaching techniques my husband has developed to help his struggling students he shares with our son who, being the sponge that he is, soaks it all up in minutes. Conversely, during the school year, I do not believe he has learned one thing that he did not already know about Math even with a grade skip. All of this explains the summer growth and the lack of growth during two school years.

Any thoughts regarding what I think is going on?