Finally we got the IEP it took 2 months

I am not that impressed we will see how my son feels.
they have things like creating crosswords,writing research he will read to kindergarten kids.In math he will do one problem resolution a day and create math problems for his friends so still 1st grade stuff.

I don't think principal knew what was going on because at the end of meeting he mentioned how my son tested really high in reading but everything else he was average .I know they didn't do IQ test but he tested way above average(see beginning of thread )in grade assessment test.
he asked me what were my plans for next year and I was thinking what are
your plans for my son?he offered to put him in 2-3 split if they have one but I think he would still be in2nd.
We started doing a grade3 math program with my son on his Thursday homeschool day.He loves it he will do 15 pages on his own.We were told in that meeting how we are pushing him and that is wrong we should do more reading with him!

We were also told that day off wasn't right we still think it's a mental break and my aunt she's a psychologist in school board told me to keep that day off.
my husband mentioned maybe my son doesn't like school because he's overstimulated in the classroom and maybe he needs quiet time.Their response is now to get evaluated by psychologist for IQ and if we do it through board it would be in 6-12months.I can't wait that long .I seriously think they don't know what to do with him and they are just waisting our time.

what would you do?Should I give the teacher copy of my son's test?It gives what thing he should be doing in class right now and it shows how he scored 99percentile with age equivalent of 8.3