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    Twice Exceptional
    Jump to new posts Re: When OG doesn't work by aeh @ Today at 01:00 PM

    Working with secondary-school students in a system where I have a pretty good idea of the quality of OG instruction in the feeder schools, I can usually make a decent determination of whether there is any additional benefit to be obtained from OG by
    Identification, Testing & Assessment
    Jump to new posts Re: How will my son manage on the COGAT? by Hag @ Today at 11:04 AM

    Since his long-ago WPPSI, we have played games to work on improving processing speed and working memory - obviously it was more effective for the latter! He did obtain a dysgraphia diagnosis and will be tested for dyslexia soon - he still reverses so
    Jump to new posts Re: Boredom = class clown --- solution??? by Saritz @ Today at 09:32 AM

    Hi SarahMarie, I'm in Houston, originally from Indiana, so I can relate to your move. We had the same problem with DS12 when he was in preschool. I tried to get them to do something else with him during the naptime, but they refused. We're Cathol
    Parenting and Advocacy
    Jump to new posts Re: Help - Need Advice by Aloha @ Yesterday at 10:54 PM

    AEH, Thank you so much for the response! It is great to hear from someone who does the testing. You bring up some excellent points that give me a lot to think about! Now I have to figure out how to pose the question on if there is variability based
    Twice Exceptional
    Jump to new posts neuropsych testing for suspected ADD? by LAF @ Yesterday at 11:50 AM

    If you had a HG child who was diagnosed ADD, did you also get a neuropsych evaluation prior? Or was just treating the ADD enough? I've had a psychiatrist and a psychologist who specifically works with TS and ADD tell me she likely has ADD- but she do
    High School
    Jump to new posts Re: AP Chemistry pre-req options by madeinuk @ Yesterday at 04:46 AM

    I suggest that you look at some of the classes offered by the CTY intensive studies program, too. Not only will your child study at the pace more suited to them but they will also be able to experience total immersion into the nerd/geek culture. A
    High School
    Jump to new posts Re: Any of your AP Sciences more than one period? by cricket3 @ Yesterday at 04:43 AM

    We have a late bus run, so thatís not an issue, it just takes a looong time (fewer buses, so the trips are longer). But itís yet another demand on kidsí time. I now understand why so many parents here find a way to let their kids drive to school
    Recommended Resources
    Jump to new posts Re: Nurturing Math by Quantum2003 @ 11/15/17 09:36 PM

    ZIML and Perennial Math both have elementary level competitions that can be done online.
    Identification, Testing & Assessment
    Jump to new posts Re: AMC 8 by Quantum2003 @ 11/15/17 09:16 PM

    My DD started taking AMC 8 in 4th grade, mostly because her brother was taking it. I seem to recall that scores at the lower end can be unstable because she scored a 10 that first year despite getting 6-8 on a couple of old practice tests. It may al
    THINKING BIG About Gifted Education
    Jump to new posts Re: Shaking up Education by stemfun @ 11/15/17 08:26 AM

    Originally Posted By: TigerleI keep wanting to comment on the original topic, but whenever I get around to thinking up what I have to say, the website is down! For those who were missing a rubric with the new mastery transcript: there is one on ht
    Identification, Testing & Assessment
    Jump to new posts Re: Why ADD testing? by Thomas Percy @ 11/15/17 06:18 AM

    What about last year's teacher? Or the counselor who oversees the social skill group?
    Learning Environments
    Jump to new posts Re: Pearson's Investigations 3 Math Curriculum by echofuzz @ 11/14/17 07:10 AM

    Hi, Cricket3. 3rd edition just came out last year, so your school would've used an earlier edition. My understanding is that they're pretty similar. 3rd edition has a lot more digital content, though, and there were a few other changes. That was ex
    Identification, Testing & Assessment
    Welcome! It is difficult to directly compare her benchmark score with the ITBS, as the benchmark is likely a criterion-referenced measure specific to your district and it's implementation of the curriculum, while the ITBS is a norm-referenced instru
    Twice Exceptional
    Jump to new posts Re: Reverse acceleration due to ADHD?? by sanne @ 11/13/17 01:40 PM

    DS10 has a skeleton 504 in place, with intention to revise it as needed after acceleration. He will be going to 6th grade "STELM" after Thanksgiving break, which is beginning of the second trimester. His english clas will be replaced with the STELM
    General Discussion
    Jump to new posts Re: Hello! by indigo @ 11/13/17 09:59 AM

    Welcome! It can be a long and lonely journey... glad you found the forums early...!
    General Discussion
    Data Collection and Student Longitudinal Data Systems have been mentioned for years on the forums, especially when used as a tool to measure a teacher's success and a school's success in achieving equal outcomes... which unfortunately may often invol
    Parenting and Advocacy
    Jump to new posts Re: Considering grade skip by Tigerle @ 11/12/17 11:42 PM

    I have 2 DS born just after the cutoff, one DD born just before the cutoff, so our choices have been old for grade/young for grade/young for grade + extra grade skip. Same schools, same family, but so far, three different choices for three different
    Learning Environments
    Jump to new posts Recommendation for HS chemistry textbook by Val @ 11/12/17 05:12 PM

    My kids' school wants to improve their science curriculum and they're looking for suggestions. I'm looking for chemistry textbook recommendations. The current book is a big education book by Pearson. It's kind of icky, though to be fair, I've seen w
    Learning Environments
    Jump to new posts Re: private school for gifted Kindergartener? by puffin @ 11/12/17 11:27 AM

    And keep in mind things change. That school you thought was perfect may no be next year.
    General Discussion
    Jump to new posts Re: Quotations that resonate with gifted people by indigo @ 11/12/17 10:57 AM

    ďIf it bothers people, then it's working.Ē -Seymour Durst inventor of the National Debt Clock U.S. National Debt Clock Definition and History by Kimbery Amadeo updated Nov 08, 2016 the balance - US economy Originally Posted By: article"... your chil
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